Thursday, September 17, 2009


Nikki & Scott

My first wedding in Tama. I showed up at about 10am and started my day filming the girls getting their hair done at the salon. From there we made it over to the church and got some great pre-wedding footage with just the couple and the wedding party as well. Nikki and Scott were a fantastic couple to work with! They were very laid back and just went with the flow of the day. The church was the perfect size. The only thing I must say was a bit interesting was the 'balcony' in the church. Also known as the two foot wide window where the balcony should be. If you look closely in the video you will see it up in the corner. It ended up working out great in the end though. Granted the attic like steps that you had to pull down from the ceiling were a bit scary. :)

Here is a video of highlights from the salon in the morning until the post wedding getaway.

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