Sunday, January 10, 2010


At about noon on a beautiful September day I arrived at St. Francis Catholic Church in West Des Moines to film the wedding of Katie and Eric. Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Schuldt. The photos were already underway and the ceremoney was to start about an hour and a half later. With a wedding party as big as the one they had I knew there would be some great footage from them all getting the photos taken and waiting in the wings of the church for the wedding to start. Sure enough, I was right. Everyone was so friendly and you could tell that they were a close group. The church was built in a round style which gave me even more freedom for getting the shots I wanted. The ceremony was perfect and really suited them as a couple!

Afterwards we headed off to a near by county club for some shots with the photographer. I beleive there was rain in the forcast but, as you can tell from the video, sometimes the weatherman doesn't get his way.

The reception was laid back and filled with family and friends that just wanted to get on the dancefloor and dance. So after the speeches, pop quizes from the groom's new father and cake cutting... everyone got what they wanted.

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas... I think that night was indeed a very "Good Night."

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