Sunday, January 10, 2010


When I was approached about filming a wedding in Iowa City I was about as excited as a video guy can be. After all I did live there for about 6 years. So wedding planner and friend Cynthia Betts gave me the call and I was happy to say YES to filming the wedding of Michelle and Christian! They had their ceremony at the Sheraton and the reception at the awesome Hotel Vetro. Oh, and it was October. I mean, come on... How much cooler can it get? The leaves changing in the parks and taking photos by the tree Christian proposed at. It's too good. But I digress...

The ceremony was a very intimate setting with close family and friends. After the vows and the conversations in the receiving line everyone piled in a party bus and hit the college town for some awesome photo ops. The reception was an amazing setup that Cynthia had put together with her team. The food was delicious and I would almost dare to say the DJ, Jason Wells of Pro Sound, played the widest variety of music I have heard at a reception. Everyone had to of gotten up and danced at some point. After all, if you can resist the musical stylings of Soulja Boy and Billie Holiday, I would bet that you can't ignore the greatness of Journey.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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