Tuesday, October 13, 2009


August 1st was the day I filmed the wedding of Stephanie and Sean. It was such a great day! The day started with photos outside the church and, although I never saw the final pictures, given the scenery and wonderful people, I imagine they turned out fantastic. I know the video did! After the photos and the ceremony the couple did something I thought was very cool. They had everyone in attendance stand out on the steps in front of the church for a photo. Awesome idea! Feel free to check out some of the shots from the beginning of the day...

Now sometimes you can't fit all of the great shots of a wedding into just one Frank Sinatra song. So perhaps we should bring in Bobby Darrin to accompany us with some more. Set on Court Avenue in Des Moines, here is some great footage of Stephanie and Sean taking more photos just after the wedding. Enjoy!

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