Wednesday, June 16, 2010


RaeLynn and Brice are two if the nicest people I know and I am honored that they asked me to film their wedding. Set in my hometown of Nevada, I was really looking forward to this day and it ended up being nothing short of a beautiful wedding and a fantastic time!

Upon my arrival to the hair salon to film RaeLynn getting her hair done I was put on the phone with Brice who then told me that he didn't want his future wife to know but he wanted to do something fun for her that she could later see on the dvd. I asked what he would like to do and his response was, "I don't know. Do you have any ideas?" I figured we could come up with something. So once I arrived at the church and most photos were taken we had about thirty minutes to come up with something to do. It was time to brainstorm! I tossed around a couple ideas and we eventually ended up with what takes place at the beginning of their highlight video. Have fun watching this one!

Their photographer was Paul from Reflected Images. He was great to work with and even after introducing ourselves to one another we later realized we had already worked together. Who knows where! :) His photos are great and RaeLynn has had nothing but nice things to say about them as well.

This was the most fun I have had filming a wedding in a long time! Thanks guys!

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