Sunday, January 10, 2010


My last wedding of 2009. Dayna and Adam met me just 2 months earlier at a bridal show and asked me to film their big day. As always, I was honored to be asked and had a great day filming and getting to know them and their friends and family. Their wedding was at the Johnston Evangelical Free Church in Johnston, Iowa. The reception was in the same building and just across the hall. Talk about convenient! The lighting in the church was superb and we did make it outside for some photo ops at a nearby farm. When all else fails just give the bride a pitchfork. It works every time!

When all was said and done the video turned out fantastic. I knew that both Dayna and Adam were fans of country music so I put some Alison Krauss with their highlight video. They also were (like myself) addicted to the tv show Lost. I just wish I could have incorporated that somehow.

(Inside joke for Lost fans)
At the end I should have had it say 'Bad Robot.'

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